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Unfortunately, at the time I thought it was unfortunate, [but] apparently I did a pretty good job on it because they asked me to do it again for another machine and they asked me to do it again for another. And I wanted to have my own game [where] I would do the rules and the effects, the whole gambit of things that a game programmer does. Reiner: Did you get to make your own table? Well, I never designed the table but I eventually became a game programmer. I was the only programmer on the game. That was a game called Space Station, which was a sequel to a pinball machine called Space Shuttle. great siteI did a game called Taxi, and finally I did a game called Black Knight 2000, which was a sequel to a huge, huge game in 80s. Black Knight 2000 was the last pinball machine that I had worked on before I moved downstairs to the video game guys who were working on NARC and Smash TV and all those kind of classic games of the 90s. Reiner: Black Knight 2000, by the way, has the best soundtrack to date in a video game. It does! Suriel: That song is amazing! How did you guys go about making that dense of a song?

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course for interview

Healeys office said it reached its decision by relying solely on affidavits provided by the T and its attorneys, according to a three-page letter to the Herald from Jonathan Sclarsic, an assistant attorney general and the head of her open government division. Because the Report appears to be subject to the attorneys client privilege in its entirety, the MBTA is not required to disclose it, Sclarsic wrote, saying there appears to be no non-exempt, segregable portions that could be released. We now consider this matter closed, he wrote. see postWilliams, the records supervisor, has repeatedly found the Ts argument of attorney-client privilege to be unconvincing, at one point saying that it wasnt clear if the law firm was working for the transit agency in its capacity as counsel, or as a consultant. Brian McNiff, a Galvin spokesman, said yesterday his office is now reviewing Healeys letter. The office stands by its position, he said. Oddly enough, Healeys office never inspected the report itself; her aides argued that theres nothing in the law or regulations that allow them to review it. The AGs office did not make Healey available for an interview about this article last night. Our office remains committed to enforcing the public records law and will continue to develop a strong working relationship with the supervisor of records, spokeswoman Emily Snyder said.

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